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About Us

Build skill and discipline

Martial arts are the best way to for people of all ages to develop self-defense skills, athletic skills and learn to focus on solving problems and accomplishing goals!

Something for everyone

At Ippon Dojo, we have classes for kids, adults, students and high performance athletes. We cater our classes to focus on development in a community atmosphere.

Join our community!

For the past 13 years we have grown from a single student in Cochrane to one of the top clubs in the Country. Come in and try a class and see what makes us different!


Adam Wackershauser

Adam, is the chief instructor and head coach of Ippon Karate Dojo. He is a NCCP certified coach as well as being a Provincial and National team coach. AS an athlete he was a Pan American Championship medallist 2008, 7 time National Championship medallist and 10 time Senior Provincial Champion.

His goal is to create a community within the club that allows all participants to reach their full potential.

Hidemi Uchiage

Hidemi is an assistant instructor and Kata coach for Ippon Karate Dojo. She is an NCCP trained coach and as an athlete is a Junior Pan American Champion, Multi-time National Champion and 25 time National Medallist. Hidemi is a Highschool teach (math/science).

Her goal is to inspire young athletes to reach their potential through hard-work and practice.

Ty Nguyen

Ty Nguyen is the head instructor at Ippon Dojo (Elbow Valley), he is also an assistant coach at Ippon Dojo (Cochrane). He is an NCCP trained coach and as an athlete has medalled multiple times at Nationals and is a multi-time Provincial Champion and Captian. Ty is currently in University in the Education program.

Ty is a dedicated athlete working to represent team Canada, his patient coaching style allows participants to develop at their own pace with constant encouragement. 

Noelle Mahon

Noelle is a provincial team member, National medallist and Provincial Champion. Noelle is an NCCP trained coach and a registered nurse. She is co-head of our Dojo PARA program. This program is designed for athletes with a disability. It is a unique program designed around inclusion and allows our instructors to create a fun and engaging training environment for athletes of all abilities.

Tyler Shaffer

Tyler is a former Provincial team Captain, champion and National medallist. He is a school teacher(French) and NCCP trained coach. He has been doing Karate almost all of his life and has trained all over the World. 

Tyler has a technical coaching style and is interested in the effectiveness of Shotokan as a martial art.

Karate in the Olympics 2020

Karate is now an Olympic sport debuted in the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan. We have many athletes now training to get to live the Olympic dream.


To foster the growth and evolution of Shotokan and Karate-do, by making it effective and engaging to all participants and athletes.


To develop passion and skill in all practitioners by using knowledge and modern methods of training.

Our History


Ippon Karate Dojo was founded in March 2005. The Dojo was created by Adam Wackershauser, during his competitive career to bring together like minded individuals and spread knowledge and training to kids and adults. Within the first year the club sent athletes to the National Championships and had a growing children's program.

Starting with one instructor and a handful of students the club has grown and now hosts classes for children, teens, adults and athletes with a disabilty. We are aiming to bring the traditional art of Karate into the modern times, with new training models and techniques.

We are hoping to have our athletes be part of team Canada and to represent our country at the Olympics and international events, while also developing others whose goal may be to increase their ability at a more local level.


Academy of Shotokan Karate

Academy of Shotokan Karate Canada

The Academy of Shotokan Karate, is a traditional Karate Association founded by, Sensei Dave Hazard, to preserve and evolve the study of Shotokan Karate.

World Karate Federation

World Karate Federation Olympic Karate

The World Karate Federation, is the Olympic stream of sport Karate. The WKF is the strongest sport federation in the World.

Karate Alberta

Karate Alberta

Karate Alberta, is the provincial Karate association affiliated with Karate Canada and Sport Canada.